Massage Gun attachment heads recommended use

Ball head: 

We recommend using on larger muscle groups such as glutes, legs, back, for up to 2 minutes. Great for beginners as you can also use the ball head for warm up when you are working out to help activate your muscles or post-workout to help reduce soreness and accelerate muscle recovery.


Fork head: 

We recommend you use it for about 30-45 sec on areas such as calves, around the spine, traps, forearms. Around the spine it would be recommended to use at a lower intensity. It is great for these areas as the shape makes it extremely helpful and you wont hit any bones/spine and work around them. On areas such as the calves you would normally want the massage to be more intense.


Flat Head:

We recommend using it for up to 2 minutes on dense areas such as pecs, glutes, and lower back. This attachment helps break down muscle tissue. It feels great on higher speed settings and easy to glide with around the targeted area.


Bullet head: 

We recommend using this for deeper knots and trigger points. This attachment is recommended for troubled areas. You can use it for 30-45 seconds per area starting at a low setting. This is great for "hard to reach" knots.


Wedge Head: 

Suitable for IT Band and works great for lower back and shoulder blade. You can use it for 2 minutes. Better to start using at a lower level and build up depending on how you feel.

Air soft Head: 

Suitable for muscles around bony body parts and for soft massage sensation.